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Posted on August 22, 2017 · Posted in Student Services

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Topic: Smart Goals!

So, what is the big deal about setting a goal? Well, research indicates that a person is more likely to get what they want if they strategically plan for it! So, rather than setting a “New Years Resolution” (which we seem to rarely stick to) we are more apt to achieve our hearts desire by getting in the good habit of setting goals.


Not so good – I’m going to quit smoking someday
Great – I will reduce my smoking


Not so good – I will not smoke as much tomorrow.
Great – I will reduce my smoking by 3 cigarettes a day and I will count them.


Not so good – I will not smoke for 3 days.
Great – I am not going to smoke right after meals. I will wait for 15 minutes and do something to keep my mind off of if or 15 minutes after I eat – like go for a walk.


Not so good – I will stop smoking right now forever
Great – I will count my smoking every day for 7 days before starting to reduce by 3 a day.


Not so good – I will quit when I am 40 years old.
Great – I will have reduced my smoking by 3 cigarettes a day in 2 weeks.


Remember – have fun with your goals. Include some physical activity such as walking, snowboarding, skating, or have a snow ball fight! Goals are SMART! They keep us moving forward!

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