The first day of classes in 2017-2018 will be August 30th!!


Drama 04

Drama 10

5 Credits

This is an interactive class with a focus on improvisation.  Other areas of exploration are: theatre-sports, readers’ theatre, movement, and speech.  This fun, but structured, course builds the basic skills of each of these sections.

Prerequisite: None.


Drama 20

5 Credits

Drama 20 incorporates all the skill areas of Drama 10 and moves into the art of playwrighting.  Students will write a short one-act play and move through the production process.  Technical theatre is also explored at this intermediate level.

Prerequisite: 50% in Drama 10.


Drama 30

5 Credits

Students will master all aspects of improvisational theatre, have a sound technical background, and will be creating original scripts.  The directing aspect of theatre is a major focus at this level; students will direct a full-length play and perform it in front of an audience.

Prerequisite: 50% in Drama 20.