The first day of classes in 2017-2018 will be August 30th!!

Architectural Design Studies.

Page 36 - Architectural Design

Introductory 1C, Intermediate 2C & 2H, Advanced 3C & 3H

5 Credits per course

Architecture and Computer-Aided Design Drafting are the key components of this program. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore architectural design and construction through sketches, computer generated designs, computer graphics, presentation marker rendering, computer rendering, animation, and computer modelling. Students will produce professional-quality conceptual and construction drawings of their individual design solutions and architectural structures.

The Architectural Design Studies course is delivered in a state-of-the-art design lab, providing students access to new computer equipment and new software including AutoCAD 2012, Autodesk
Inventor and Autodesk 3DsMax. This course would be of interest to any students considering a career in architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, or engineering.

Prerequisite:  1C is a prerequisite for 2C & 2H; 2C is a prerequisite for 2H; 3C is a prerequisite for 3H.
Course Fee:  $40.00 for each level.


Please be aware that Architectural & Interior Design Studies will have overlapping course work.
Students should register in only one of these pathways.