Icon Grad Portrait Retakes will be held on April 18th to 21st in Rm 237.

Athletics. What ever your 100% looks like, give it.

Which one is for you?

Please note that EVERY student athlete representing Bellerose MUST complete the Student Athlete form of Acknowledgement and Agreement EACH year and return it to the school.

BCHS Coaching Staff
Metro Edmonton Sports Page

Sports Timelines

  • Badminton: March – April
  • Basketball: November – March
  • Cheer Team: September – March
  • Cross Country: September – October
  • Curling: October – December
  • Football: September – November
  • Golf: September
  • Rugby: May
  • Soccer: May
  • Track & Field: May – June
  • Volleyball: September – November
  • Wrestling: February – March

Bellerose Fitness Center

Bellerose offers a variety of student-centered opportunities for fitness, health, and wellness.