So…How is Grade 10 Going So Far?

Posted on September 8, 2019 · Posted in School News, Student Services

  In order to follow-up the Welcome Orientation held in August, parents of Grade 10 students

may wish to consider the following questions to help gauge integration into the high school environment.

  • Does your Grade 10 student have a copy of their timetable?  Changes for Term 2 should be made prior to the Christmas break.
  • How are attendance and punctuality?  Performance is closely tied to attendance and punctuality.  Our automated attendance line will call if a student misses a class.  PowerSchool provides up-to-date attendance records.
  • Grade 10 credit requirements.  Students in Grade 10 are required to register in 40 credits on their timetable.
  • Is attending school becoming a major struggle or fear?  If so, please communicate with school personnel before the problem is allowed to grow.
  • Is homework coming home?  There is typically homework.  If you think or have been told there is no homework, please contact teachers.
  • Has a connection been made?  By now, Grade 10s feel this is their school.  These connections are made in classes and in other activities such as clubs, the arts, leadership, and sports.  Connected, engaged students tend to have a happier, more successful school career.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate Counsellor or Administrator: