Cyber Bullying

Posted on October 10, 2018 · Posted in Administration, Community News, School News, Student Services

Alberta Education defines Cyber Bullying as using the internet or text messaging to intimidate, put down, or spread rumors about someone.

According to here are some signs that children might demonstrate if they are victims of Cyber Bullying:

  • Spend long hours on the computer
  • Close windows on their computer when you enter the room
  • Exhibit marked changes in behavior
  • Suffer from sleeping difficulties
  • Complain often of headaches or stomachaches
  • Display a lack of interest at social events that include other students
  • Visit the school office frequently complaining of feeling sick — wants to call Mom or Dad to come and get him
  • Do not complete school work, decreased success in class

If a child confides in you that they have been cyber bullied, here is what you can do:

  • Tell the child to not respond to the message(s)
  • Ensure that the child and his or her friends do not retaliate
  • Encourage the child to save the evidence by printing out email messages and Facebook pages and by saving text messages
  • Take the complaint seriously
  • Block the bully from your child’s account (i.e. email, Facebook, MSN, texting, etc)
  • Contact the authorities (Internet Service Provider, Mobile service provider, Facebook, school, and/or the police)

For more information for adults about Cyber Bullying check out:

Help your child learn about and deal with Cyber Bullying issues at S-Team Heroes and



  • 76% of Grades 7-11 students reported that they NEVER discuss Cyber Bullying with their parents or adults they live with?
  • In 2005, 48% of children aged 9-17 reported that they were NEVER with a parent or adult when they use the Internet?
  • Having family rules for Internet use make a big difference in kids’ online behavior?