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Goals. Enhancing the development of a positive self-concept

GOALS is a district program, which is designed to provide students with the necessary skills that will allow them to live and work as an individual. Their educational experience provides opportunities for acquiring living and working skills as well as breaking down attitudes about students with handicaps.  One of the most important goals of the program is to enhance the development of a positive self-concept. Students are integrated into the regular program in some levels. The prescribed curriculum is to be covered in a three to four year period.

What’s happening with us?

Students are participating in cross-curricular programming, with science and social, that explores regions of the oil industry in Alberta.  This program takes us to a variety of places both in the classroom and off campus.  We had a fantastic time on our field trip to the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, where we participated in the programming offered by the Museum staff.  This information not only helps explain to us the origins of fossil fuels, but also teaches us about paleontology (studying the origins and demise of ancient animals on the planet).  We slept overnight in the presence of the resident giant dinosaurs at the Museum…it was a very exciting and involved field trip!