Congratulations Grad class of 2019!!

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*If your student will be absent, please contact Bellerose at 780.460.8490 or email If you would like to request homework when your student is absent, please contact the teacher directly by email.*


Mangat, Jyoti (Principal):

Chorney, Max (Assistant Principal):

Rothwell, Dawn (Assistant Principal):

Thompson, Mike (Acting Assistant Principal):

Burroughs, Constable MJ (School Resource Officer):

Student Services

Beaton, Jeff (Counsellor):

Lajoie, Kelly (Counsellor):

Robinson, Shelley (Student Services Administrative Assistant):

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Beebe, Clayton (International Baccalaureate Co-Ordinator):

Miller, Renee (Inclusive Education Co-Ordinator):

Turnham, Bill (Work Experience/RAP Co-Ordinator):

Office & Resource Staff

Beres, Jenn (Office Manager & Accounts Payable):

Fenton-Klima, Holly (Technology Analyst):

Glewinski, Angela (Communications Administrative Assistant):

Hofmann, Kendra (Accounts Receivable):

Hologroski, Nancy (Assistant to Administrators):

Johnson, Nicole (Front Desk Reception & Attendance):

Poirier, Jeannette (Marks Administrative Assistant):

Robinson, Shelley (Student Services Administrative Assistant):

Schwam, Linda (Library Technician):

Tough, Sandra (Library Assistant):

Educational Assistants

Barrett, Scott:

Brodribb, Dan:

Budzak, Paula:

Cherniwchan, Bonnie:

Halterman, Becky:

Harms, Bonnie:

Hubbard, Cindy:

Jaban, Tobaroh:

Kolthof, Melanie:

Long, Diane:

Loroff, Natasha:

Mickelsen, Pauline:

Perri, Francesca:

Pitre, Tracy:

Rose, Danny:

Scott, Joanne:

Silvestri, KaraLee:

Velsink, Shelley:

Williams, Sharon:

Teaching Staff

Agnew, Carly (Dept. Head of Sciences):

Anderson, John:

Bartlett, Jason:

Beebe, Clayton:

Bossio-Arlia, Jenny:

Bracken, Lindsay:

Bucyk, Carmen:

Burgess, Christine:

Burkholder, Jacey:

Dabbagh, Jason:

Donnelly, Adrienne:

Duquette, Michelle:

Edwards, Dave:

Filice, Lina:

Gray, Jessica:

Hee, Matteo:

Holliday, Dani:

Howard, Geoffrey:

Hutchings, Mike:

Jang, Marilyn:

Jermana, Jeet:

Johnson, Brooks:

Jones, Yvonne:

Kazuro, Meredith:

Kerckhof, Jesse:

Knoop, Michelle:

Kohle, Stephen:

Kolskog, Jon:

Kompf, Cassandra:

Kunz, Dawn:

Lafferty, Jason:

Lang, Mike (Dept. Head of Math):

Larocque, Mike (Dept. Head of CTS):

Leighton, Sue (Dept. Head of Phys Ed & Student Activities):

Lindbeck, Tomas:

McGarrigle, Juanita:

Murray, Shawn:

Nemeth, Priscilla:

Pigeon, Josh:

Rampuri-Ranson, Suraiya (Dept. Head of Social Studies):

Rankin, Susan:

Sedgewick, Taylor:

Segger, Jason:

Sekundiak, Jody:

Servold, Matt:

Siemers, Ben:

Smallwood, Judy:

Thompson, Angela:

Thompson, Maria:

Thompson, Mike (Dept. Head of Athletics):

Turnham, Bill:

Vandael, Linda:

Wiens, Meghan:

Willette, Bill:

Womack, Stephen (Dept. Head of English, Fine Arts & Languages):

Wowk, Clayton:

Yaremkevich, Ken:

Yick, Todd:

Bellerose Composite High School, 49 Giroux Road, St. Albert, AB, T8N 6N4, 780.460.8490 (fax 780.459.0798)