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What we can help you with

Student Services provides information and direction concerning academic, educational, occupational, personal and post-secondary decisions. Students are seen on a self-referral basis; however administrators, teachers and parents may also make referrals. Counsellor appointments are suggested for both students and parents, in order to minimize the amount of class time missed. Individual and family support is available to assist with personal issues, study skills, time management, peer relations and goal setting. Scholarship information and post-secondary events are updated and advertised on a regular basis. Students can obtain assistance in completing post-secondary applications and are given tools and resources for self-exploration of scholarship opportunities.

Helpful Information for Students and Parents


Bellerose is pleased to have Jenn Bolin, from Youth Addiction Services Edmonton, working from our school every Wednesday.
Bellerose students are welcome to make appointments with her, or just drop by to chat.

If there is a member of your family, or if you know someone, who has addiction problems – there is help and hope. If you are interested in chatting more about substance use (drugs, alcohol, and tobacco) or gambling, the following services might be of help:

  • AHS Addictions Office St. Albert780.460.4971
  • AHS 24 Hour Information Line1.866.332.2322
  • AHS – all kinds of information –
  • Al-Anon or Al-Ateen – for family members or friends affected by someone else’s alcohol use – 24-hour line: 780.433.1818
  • Al-Ateen CHAT LINE
  • Al-Ateen Group in St. Albert – for teens affected by someone’s alcohol use – Thursdays 8pm at Sturgeon Valley Baptist Church (51 Woodlands Drive)
  • Naranon – for family members or friends impacted by someone else’s’ drug use – 780.952.1763 for information and/or books.
  • Gam-Anon – for friends and family impacted by someone else’s gambling 780.463.0892


With the legalisation of cannabis, parents may find the following resources helpful:

Mental Health

Here are some resources available to improve the mental health of our students:


Among all students, 69.7% reported they had never tried smoking tobacco.
Although most Alberta youth do not smoke themselves, approximately 21.0% reported living with a smoker, and 28.5% of students had been exposed to second-hand smoke inside a vehicle in the week prior to the survey.

Quoted from the Alberta Youth Experience Survey (TAYES) 2008: survey 3,469 students Grades 7-12. If you are interested in further details from this survey see Wendy.

Tobacco’s a drag!

addictive + bad breath + blood pressure up + breathing faster + burn holes + cancer + cough develops + damaged lungs + dizzy + expensive + heart disease + heart speeds up + irritates people + nausea + pollutes air + shortness of breath + skin ages + smelly hair + stroke + tar on lungs + yellow fingers

The good news if one quits

  • 20 minutes later: blood pressure drops to normal
  • 8 hours: oxygen level in blood increases
  • 24 hours: chance of having a heart attack decreases
  • 2 weeks to 3 months: circulation improves and lung function increases to 30%
  • 1 year: risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half
  • 5 years: risk of stroke is reduced
  • 10 years: lung cancer death rate is cut in half
  • 15 years: risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a nonsmoker

Community Workshops

March 2019 Workshops
March 22 & 23 (10 hours). #20, 9912 – 106 Street, Edmonton; $150 per person (subsidies available; please inquire at time of registration)

Anger is a natural emotion you experience when something doesn’t go as planned or someone contradicts what you think is “right.” People of all ages and personalities experience anger but how we respond to it varies greatly from person to person. There are also many emotions associated with anger that range from mild frustration to full-blown rage.

When anger becomes an issue, you may find yourself holding in negative thoughts, taking your negativity out on others, and in some cases, even acting impulsively or doing something you are ashamed of. For women, you may have challenges setting boundaries in relationships, which may contribute to your angry feelings. This is when you need strategies to effectively express your anger. The Women and Anger Workshop provides hands-on ways to deal with anger so you can have positive relationships and address conflict in a positive and healthy way.

Who can attend?

  • Any woman over the age of 18 who wants to learn more about healthy ways to express anger and resolve conflict

What will you learn?

You will learn how to address anger as a normal, healthy emotion by understanding:

  • The underlying emotions connected with anger in women
  • Your own triggers for anger
  • Effective ways to deal with and express anger
  • Ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships
  • How to manage stress
  • How to effectively communicate and resolve conflict
  • Why self-esteem/self-worth affect anger

By the end of the session, you will feel more comfortable:

  • Communicating, resolving conflict, setting boundaries, and asserting yourself
  • Sharing your most important concerns with others
  • Identifying personal traits to address specific issues, such as positive self-esteem, healthy boundaries, stress management, and emotional triggers
  • Solving day-to-day problems and challenges

How will you learn?

At The Family Centre, we believe in continually adapting our programs based on the latest thinking and research. Our workshop instructors work with clients on a daily basis and see first-hand the typical challenges women face. The workshops are highly interactive so you will have many opportunities to ask questions, learn about yourself, hear others’ experiences, and practise new skills.

For more information or to register, contact The Family Centre at 780.497.7536 or

Who to Contact

Tweet us at: @BCHSstudentserv

Shelley Robinson, Administrative Assistant
extension: 121

Jeff Beaton, Counsellor
extension: 122

Kelly Lajoie, Counsellor
extension: 134

Here are some tips for continued growth and happiness:

  • Remember your strengths! Use them to move yourself forward.
  • Focus on what is working your life.
  • Make a gratitude list.
  • Use Affirmations – “I am strong” – “I will do this”.
  • Have Fun!
  • TRUST YOURSELF – this means listen to your intuition deep down inside.
  • Remember that asking for help is not a weakness but strength! Collect phone numbers of those that are ON YOUR SIDE!

SAT Test Resource

Students who are interested in taking the SAT Test will find a very useful webpage to visit. The site has test dates for numerous exams (all in one location), and even has practice questions and SAT math review videos, which are really helpful.

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