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Film Studies.

Film Studies 15, 25, 35

5 Credits for each course

Film Studies is a course series that concentrates on the areas of film and media history, theory and technique, study of genres and national cinemas, and film creation. The goal of these courses is to help students understand both the history of film as an art form and to enable them to understand how the makers of film structure their work to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience. Film is both a powerful communication medium and an art form.

Special focus will be given to film language and different film genres (Action, Western, Suspense, etc) at the 15 level; International cinema and the study of and creation of film trailers at the 25 level; and the filmography of the director of your choosing and the creation of film shorts at the 35 level. The three levels of this course aim to develop students’ skills so they become more adept in interpreting film and in film creation.

So if you love movies, love talking about movies and want to learn to speak about movies even more intelligently by learning how they are made and for what reason, then this is the course for you! What people are saying about Film Studies:

  • “The thrill ride of the semester!!”
  • “I laughed, I learned – a roller coaster of excitement!”
  • “If you only take one course this semester, make it a Film Studies course… a powerful tour de force…”.
Prerequisite:  60% in Language Arts 9 or Grade 10 English for Film Studies 15; Film Studies 15 for 25; Film Studies 25 for 35.