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In the Fine Arts Program, students are involved in a variety of presentations: school and community displays of their art work, a major theatre production in the spring, and performances by various music groups at events and schools.  Art instruction provides the student with the opportunity to experience varied mediums in a classroom climate that promotes creative thinking and personal style development. Portfolio development is a consideration at all levels, progressing in importance as the student continues through the program.


Art 10, 20, 30

5 Credits per course

This course introduces the student to all forms of art, linking modern day visual art to art history. Basic drawing, painting, and sculpture skills will be developed and then used in larger scale and fully-developed projects. Levels 20 and 30 take art skills learned in Art 10 and expand the scope of the student’s experience. Opportunities for in-school and out-of-school installations are available. In-class and home projects are required with emphasis on original work. Specialization of skills with emphasis on portfolio production geared to post-secondary education and employment in the arts. Art 30 is evaluated through projects and presentation of works.

Prerequisite: Some junior high art is preferred, but is not a must for success in this course. Course Fee: $20.00 per course.


Visual Art HL Years 1 & 2

5 Credits per course (for Art 20 & 30)

Visual Art HL is a course in which students develop problem solving skills while working towards technical proficiency in all forms of the visual arts. Students are required to explore all forms of contemporary art practices and build their own practice with the goal of a body of artwork that is displayed at the end of the Year 2. Students explore all forms of Art with a deeper exploration of art history.

Prerequisite: Art 10.


Art 31

5 Credits

Independent study and portfolio development are the keys to success in this course. The student is required to choose and develop a full-scale themed set of projects with the intent of an  independent art show that will be presented at the end of the school year with all of the Art 31 students.

Recommended Prerequisite: 65% in Art 30. Course Fee: $50.00.