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French. French & Spanish

Successful completion of 30-level International Languages meets the admission requirements established by most universities.

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French 10, 20, 30

5 Credits per course

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Grade 9 French. The language is taught through an action-oriented communicative approach in a cultural context. Topics include Activities, Shopping, Vacations, and Fine Arts. In French 20, language skills are enhanced with activities at an advanced level. Films and music will be used extensively. The emphasis of French 30 is on increased ability to understand and speak French, as well as read and write with accuracy through structured and free composition. The themes of study include World of Work, Travel and Tourism, Media and Conservation ,and the Environment. Aspects of the Francophone world will be studied through literary extracts, music and film.

Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in Grade 9 French for French 10; 60% in French 10 or equivalent for French 20; 60% in French 20 for French 30.


French 10i

5 Credits (for French 10)

A stronger focus on language skills than in French 10.

Recommended Prerequisite: Grade 9 French in a 6-year program.


French B SL Years 1 & 2

5 Credits per course (for both French 20 and 30)

By the end of French B SL Year 2, students will have written a short essay in French (~500 words) and completed several short oral presentations. Completion of French B SL Year 2 will equip students with advanced-intermediate skills and the ability to begin post-secondary language study at the 200-level.

Prerequisite: French 10. Recommended Prerequisite: French 10i.



French Challenge

The challenge process is designed for students who have already mastered the elements of the course and do not need to attend the class. Students from a Francophone or Grade 9 French Immersion background may wish to demonstrate their competency at French 10, 20, and/or 30. The opportunity to challenge will happen once per semester, and students may challenge one level per semester. Students will meet the teacher at a meeting in November or May, prepare and submit a portfolio, and then take a four part exam in January or June. The exams will test reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  A student may not challenge a course in which he/she has been registered during the current semester.