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Sports Academy & Institutes.

We are the Bulldogs!

The Bellerose Composite Sports Academy program provides opportunities for high-performance athletes to be part of the National Long-Term Athlete Development Model of Canada. All our staff and coaches are full-time educators and have played and/or coached at professional, Provincial, and National levels. The Sports Acadmies and Institutes allow you to further your physical education and tactical abilities in all area of sport through multi-functional training, and the teacher-coaches have developed an extensive curriculum of studies to maximize performance and individual athlete development while still focusing on academic success.  Bellerose is home of the Prospects Baseball Academy!

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High Performance Sports 10, 20, 30

3 to 5 Credits per course

The Bellerose High Performance Sport Program is designed for the student athlete competing in Provincial or National levels in their specific sport, and welcomes athletes from all disciplines. This program allows athletes the opportunity to complete Physical Education 10, 20 or 30 plus CALM 20 while maintaining their competition schedules. This program includes 3 to 5 credits of Physical Education/Sports Performance, and will cover the following areas:

  • Study hall/tutorials
  • Sport psychology
  • Time management and decision making
  • University and college application support
  • Conditioning for on- and off-season fitness
  • Sports nutrition

Course Fee: $60.00 (includes Academy hoodie).


Hockey 10, 20, 30

10 Credits per course

The Bellerose Hockey Academy is a co-ed program, 3 to 5 Credits per course dedicated to developing academic and hockey skills, and promoting on-ice and life skills in the student athlete. All skill levels are welcomed and taken into consideration for the program. Students will have a 10 credit block where they will receive 5 credits of Physical Education and 5 credits of Sports Performance and features:

  • Advanced technical skills
  • Principles of team play
  • Systems of play
  • Conditioning and fitness training
  • On-ice training
  • Sport psychology and mental preparation
  • Sport nutrition
  • Academic advisor
  • Post-secondary advisory
  • Post-high school hockey opportunities
  • Scholarship application sessions
  • Includes completion of the CALM course

Course Fee: $500.00 (includes jersey, socks, and off-ice workout gear).  A monthly payment plan is available.

Hockey is scheduled in Semester 1.


Soccer 10, 20, 30

5 Credits per course

The Bellerose Soccer Institute is a co-ed program. The teacher-coach has designed an thorough curriculum of studies to maximize athletics, academics, and lifelong learning skills, with a focus on individual player development. This program includes 5 credits of Sports Performance, and features:

  • Conditioning and fitness testing
  • Individual play technique
  • Injury prevention
  • Officiating
  • On-field training
  • Play and technical skill development
  • Sport nutrition
  • Sport psychology and mental preparation

Course Fee: $250.00 (includes jersey, socks, and off-field workout gear).  A monthly payment plan is available.

Soccer is scheduled in Semester 2.


Please be aware that Personal Fitness, Sports Academies and Institutes, Sports Medicine and Medical Studies will have overlapping course work.