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Design Studies.

Page 36 - Architectural Design

Design Studies 10, 20, 30

5 Credits per course

Do you want to put your creativity to work, changing the world around you? Are you interested in architecture, communications, computer graphics, or merchandising? Want to build 3D models and assets for computer animation or video games? Explore the world of design! Design happens at the intersection of art and function. Students design and create models, products, or structures through a series of projects and challenges. Throughout this project-based course, students will be exposed to a variety of professional software and media used in post-secondary programs and in the design world. Intermediate and Advanced Design students will explore several concentrations such as 3D computer models, computer-aided design, or engineering design. Students will leave their design studies program with a portfolio of their best designs and renderings to take into the world of work or post-secondary learning.

Prerequisite: Design Studies 10 or Make It! is a prerequisite for Design Studies 20; Design Studies 20 is a prerequisite for Design Studies 30. Course Fee: $40.00 for each level.

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