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Construction Technology.

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Introductory 1C, Intermediate 2C, Advanced 3C

5 Credits per course

The focus of this program is the development of productive attitudes and woodworking skills. Students will develop skills in the safe and accurate use of all of the woodworking tools. They will also become familiar with wood products and other materials commonly used in the furniture and construction industries. A mature, team-oriented and goal-driven attitude is essential for success in this program. Most of the program is shop-based, with students completing projects that are designed to build their craftsmanship in a logical sequence.

The five credit introductory course provides a basic knowledge of wood, wood products and the safe operation of all woodworking tools and equipment. At all three levels of this program, the required projects ensure that core skills are in place. Once the required projects are complete, students may build additional projects of their own choosing for extra credits.

The five credit cabinet and furniture course develops more advanced techniques using more elaborate projects. Students completing this course will have a skill set that makes them good candidates for entry-level positions with cabinet and furniture shops. This skill set is also directly applicable to carpentry positions.

In the advanced five credit course, students build a variety of furniture and cabinet pieces, developing a higher level of skill and a more in-depth knowledge of fine woodworking.

Prerequisite:  1C is a prerequisite for 2C; 2C is a prerequisite for 3C.
Course Fee:  $40.00 for each level.