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Construction Technology.

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Construction Technology 10, 20, 30

5 Credits per course

The focus of this program is the development of productive attitudes and woodworking skills. Students will develop skills in the safe and accurate use of many woodworking tools. They will also become familiar with wood products and other materials commonly used in the furniture and construction industries. A mature, team-oriented and goal-driven attitude is essential for success in this program. Most of the program is shop-based, with students completing projects that are designed to build their craftsmanship in a logical sequence. At all three levels of this program, the projects ensure that core skills are in place while also providing students with voice and choice. Once the required projects are complete, students may build additional projects of their own choosing for extra credits at the cost of materials. Students completing the program will have a skill set that makes them strong candidates for entry positions in the furniture and construction industry.

Prerequisite:  10 is a prerequisite for 20; 20 is a prerequisite for 30. Course Fee:  $40.00 for each level.


Framing 20, 30

5 Credits per course

As a brand new course to Bellerose, Framing focuses on the structural building aspects of the construction industry! Students will gain skills and knowledge involved in the building of floor, wall, and roof systems, as well as basic knowledge in the pouring of concrete foundations. While building confidence in successfully framing structures with the tools of the trade, students will also develop a respect for OHS workplace safety and workers rights. Framing 20 covers the basic knowledge of framing and the practise building small structures such as stepstones, dog houses, and playhouses. In Framing 30, students will be challenged by increasing the size of structures to garden/storage sheds and will incorporate different exterior finishes. Students who complete this stream will be comfortable building structures in their future and will be excellently prepared for introductory work as a carpenter.

Prerequisite: Construction 10 is a prerequisite for Framing 20; Framing 20 is a prerequisite for Framing 30. Course Fee: $40.00 for each level.