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Cosmetology Studies.

Cosmetology 10, 20, 30

5-10 Credits per course

The introductory level focuses on personal and professional grooming, body care, and enhancement practices, providing students with opportunities to explore and prepare for cosmetology-related career options.

In the intermediate level, students build upon the competencies developed at the introductory level and focus on developing a wide range of skill competencies. This strand also enables students to explore a wide range of career-related opportunities. Emphasis is placed on client services.

The advanced level strand requires a high level of skill and expertise. Content within the courses will help prepare students for entry into the workplace or an accredited post secondary program. The program provides approximately 375 hours towards the Provincial Beauticians Certificate of Proficiency. It is projected that under the new regulations for apprenticeship, students will be required to apprentice an additional 1400 hours prior to their exam for certification. As the school runs as a full-service salon, there will be a heavy emphasis placed on customer service.

Prerequisite:  10 is a prerequisite for 20; 20 is a prerequisite for 30. Course Fee:  $40.00 for 10, $80.00 for 20, $120.00 for 30.