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Fashion Studies.

Fashion Studies 10, 20, 30

5 Credits  per course

The introductory level is for all beginners, regardless of Grade level! Learn the tools of the trade as you create, design and construct many handmade personal items like scarves, bags, and shirts. Expect to participate in fieldtrips to local retailers in order to get help making purchases, and to become better acquainted with the consumer side of this industry. In addition, getting tangled in yarns, threads and other fibre arts media will expand your scope and understanding of the world of fashion. The intermediate and advanced levels allow students to further develop their construction expertise by working with various specialty fabrics as you employ tailoring and couture techniques. Our business venture “Hems ‘R’ Us” offers students with the opportunity to build customer relationship skills and to learn the intricacies of fitting. Students at this level select the modules they wish to complete which results in a highly personalized experience.

Prerequisite:  10 is a prerequisite for 20; 20 is a prerquisite for 30. Course Fee:  $40.00 for each level.