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Pop Culture.

Pop Culture 25

5 Credits

What does it say about our culture that there are only two Anchorman films, but seven Saw films? Or that your favourite indie band can’t sell out a dive bar, but Katy Perry can sell out Rexall Place? Or that, during Elizabethan times, watching dogs tear apart a tied-up black bear was more popular than Shakespearen plays? Or that cigarettes used to advertise how they were recommended by doctors, and now they can barely advertise at all? Or that sports have gone from boxing to MMA to people now trying to remove any amount of physical contact from every sport ever made? The contents of the Popular Culture course draw upon history, literature, music, film, sports, advertising and other social sciences. The aim of the course is to foster an appreciation for, and critical thinking skills pertaining to, various media forms (music, film, advertising, etc.) that can be such an influential part of our day-to-day lives. Much can be learned about a culture through studying its most popular contributions to the media and events of the day. We will recognize that all forms of popular culture have been influenced in some way by the popular culture that came before it.

Prerequisite: 60% in Language Arts 9.


Pop Culture