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Bulldog Films.


Introductory 1C, Intermediate 2C, Advanced 3C

5-10 Credits per course

A brand new interactive course where students are immersed in all aspects of professional documentary film-making.  Including hands-on instruction from a professional cinematographer from Orange Fountain Films, this three-level course will take you from inception to a final production.

In the advanced level you will manage a team of students, as well as work with the client, to produce a documentary.  Throughout the year, you will also have an opportunity to capture some of the main events at Bellerose, such as Bikeathon, sporting events, and specialty programs.

No prior editing, film or such skills are required to join this course, as we will take you from basic skills to mastering your craft.  This course can be taken in one semester for 5 credits or over the entire year for 10 credits.  As this is a non-scheduled course, it will fit nicely into any schedule!

Prerequisite:  None.
Course Fee:  $40.00 for each level.