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Make It!.


Introductory 1C

5 Credits 

Take your creativity into the 21st century! In this course, students are exposed to advanced technology in a self-directed and creative environment. This project-based course allows students to explore their interests and master new skills with a design mindset.

Students will see their digital designs come to life through 3D printing and explore their world in new ways with radio controlled aerial photography and video. Students are empowered to create cell phone apps and interactive electronics using simple, user friendly programs.

Students can learn to record their own music, build and program robots, create and edit movies, compose and edit photos, design and print 3D models, create (and learn to fix broken) electronic devices, and create their own cellphone app!

Students will be encouraged to come up with unique projects and expand their skills in areas they find interesting, leading to a unique creative experience for each person.

Prerequisite: None.
Course Fee: $70.00, which includes the cost of a cell-phone charger you make yourself.

Page 41 - Montage (Make It - Death Star Ornament)