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Outdoor Education.

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Introductory 1C, Intermediate 2C, Advanced 3C

5 Credits per course

Designed to give students a hands-on “out of the classroom” experience like no other! Find good friends, adventure and learn practical skills to aid your growth as a leader in the outdoor environment. Opportunities exist to participate in field trips involving:

  • Avalanche Awareness and Winter Travel
  • Backcountry Hikes
  • Mountain Huts
  • Canoeing
  • First Aid

If you want to add an experience to High School like no other, Outdoor Education will provide you with memories and friendships you will never forget!

Prerequisite:  10 is a prerequisite for 20; 20 is a prerequisite for 30. Course Fee:  $40.00 for each level. There will be a suggested clothing purchase for this course.

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