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Bulldog Renaissance Program.


During the school year, the Bellerose Bulldog Renaissance Program recognises, rewards and reinforces students for their committment to personal improvement, to their education, and to their learning community.  The Renaissance Committee is made up of a group of dediated staff and students committed to implementing the following mission:

To acknowledge the educational achievements and outstanding contributions of students and staff members through a process of respect, recognition, reinforcement, and reward.


Program Goals

  • Improve academic performance
  • Increase attendance levels and punctuality
  • Create a positive, safe, and inviting school environment

Events & Activities

  • Bulldogedness Breakfasts & Luncheons: celebrating students for their demonstration of ‘Bulldogedness’, and making the school great
  • Bulldog Recognition Assembly: a year-end assembly to celebrate the accomplishments of our students throughout the year
  • Dog Treat Tuesdays: a small, monthly treat for staff to celebrate those students who have shown ‘Bulldogedness’
  • Grade 10 & 11 Honours Awards: celebrating the hard work and academic achievements of our students
  • Stars of Bellerose Awards: celebrating staff and students who choose to make the school a better place

Contact Maria Thompson for more information and to get involved.