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Language Arts.

Fight Club 15

5 Credits

Are you ready to rumble? This course is all about discourse. Almost every class will bring with it a new topic to discuss, debate, and dive into. Marvel vs DC? Capitalism vs Socialism? Alcohol vs Weed? Does religion make a society better or worse? We’ll take it all on. With a focus on critical thinking and listening, we will chose which topics to research, learn how to weaponise rhetoric and punctuation, and be more persuasive speakers. Listen. Argue. Learn. Drink tea. Eat popcorn. Repeat.

Recommended Prerequisite: 65% or higher in English Language Arts 9, or Grade 10 English.


Film Studies 15

5 Credits

Film Studies 15 is a course that concentrates on the critical analysis of film and film history. The goal of this course is to help students understand how filmmakers structure their work to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience and the differences in filmmaking between different genres and between different directors. The skill set required to analyze film is very similar to that required to analyze the traditional mediums of novels, plays, poems, etc. This course aims to develop both analytical skills and appreciation of film. We will choose a new release to do a review on in the theatres. So that’s cool.

Recommended Prerequisite: 65% or higher in English Language Arts 9, or Grade 10 English.


History of Horror Movies 15

5 Credits

How do horror movies work to manipulate us and scare our pants off? How do they so often reflect the social anxieties of their times? And what makes ghosts, psychos, and zombies so darn adorable? Find out when you
sign up for this fun, fascinating, and horrifying course!

Movies & Music

6 Credits

Movies: This course is a condensed version of Film Studies 15, which focuses on how to analyze film, and the appreciation of film and film history. We will look at a variety of genres and directors and examine many of the different tools directors have at their fingertips and how filmmaking can be uniquely personal. Students will also get to dissect some of their favourite films and directors.
Music: The intent of this course is to foster an appreciation of multiple genres of North American popular music, and to acquire a perspective of the history and evolution of popular music in North America over the past century. Students will be exposed to music that may be outside of their experience (K-Pop! Acid Jazz! Speed Metal!), and will be challenged to explore the influences that contributed to the evolution of styles of music and the music industry itself.

Theory of Knowledge 35 & 35

3 Credits per course

Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary, metacognitive course that explores various Ways of Knowing within different Areas of Knowledge. Students in Year 2 give a short presentation on a topic of their choice and write a 1600-word essay on one of six prescribed topics. These courses are mandatory for IB Diploma candidates.

Prerequisite: None for Theory of Knowledge 25; TOK 25 is a prerequisite for Theory of Knowledge 35.