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Successful completion of 30-level International Languages meets the admission requirements established by most universities.


Spanish 10, 20, 30

5 Credits per course

Spanish 10 is for students who would like to learn Spanish and have no previous experience. The focus is on learning to speak in realistic situations about people, school, activities and celebrations. Students will experience elements of Spanish-speaking cultures. Students of Spanish 20 focus on improving their listening, speaking and writing, focussing on foods, travel, shopping, and health. More advanced grammar and verb structures are learnt while studying the cultures of Spain and Latin America. The coursework is the equivalent of first semester Spanish 100 level at a university in Alberta.

Spanish 30 will offer a more in-depth look into the rich diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures by studying aspects of the arts, music, technology and entertainment. Hobbies, sports and the environment will also be explored. The coursework is the equivalent of second semester Spanish 100 level at a university in Alberta. Completion of Spanish 30 permits students to commence their Spanish studies in university at the 200 level.

Recommended Prerequisite: None for Spanish 10, 60% in Spanish 10 for Spanish 20, and 60% in Spanish 20 for Spanish 30.


Spanish 10i ab initio

5 Credits (for Spanish 10)

No Spanish experience necessary.

Prerequisite: None.


Spanish AB Initio SL Years 1 & 2

5 Credits per course (for both Spanish 20 and 30)

Students focus on speaking and vocabulary acquisition. By the end of Spanish Ab Initio SL Year 2, students will have written a short cultural comparison in Spanish (~350 words) and completed a short oral presentation. Completion of Year 2 permits students to commence their Spanish studies in post-secondary at the 200 level.

Prerequisite: Spanish 10. Recommended Prerequisite: Spanish 10i.


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