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Leadership. (Student Activities)

Leadership 15, 25, 35

5 Credits per course

The Student Life/Leadership program at Bellerose is designed for students who are interested in making an extra-curricular difference during their time in high school. Signing up for this fun program is an exceptional opportunity for Grade 10 students to join Grade 11 and 12 mentors in the development of interpersonal, management, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Plus, you can commit to the level of involvement that works best for you. You will work with the Bellerose Student Council to create and participate in a variety of fantastic school activities, clubs and events throughout the year; motivating and inspiring your fellow Bulldogs. An added bonus is that the commitment to service and leadership will also enhance your opportunities for scholarships!

Prerequisite:  None. Course Fee: None. There will be a suggested clothing purchase for this course.