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Bikeathon 18

We are excited to announce that Bellerose Composite High School will be moving forward with one of our most powerful school events, Bellerose Bikeathon 18. Of course, Bikeathon 18 will look different from previous years; however, we have decided to meet the challenge of 2021 and host a 12 hour outdoor/virtual event on Thursday, June 17th, 2021. (The event will be run in accordance with current AHS Covid-19 guidelines.)

For the past 17 years, the students, staff and our community have joined together to raise funds for cancer research, treatment and care. Together over these past 17 years we have raised $2,925,870.50. With your support, we are hoping that Bikeathon 18 will bring us to our goal of $3 million.

All funds raised by students go to the charities: Kids with Cancer, the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. To help support our cause, please consider donating to one of the charities listed above by clicking on the link below.

Alberta Cancer Foundation Fundraising Page 

Kids with Cancer Society Fundraising Page

Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

On Tuesday, June 8th, we will host a Bellerose Bottle Drive in support of Bikeathon. Neighbors, families, and community friends are encouraged to drop off their bottles and cans to the tent set up in the staff parking lot.


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