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Fine & Performing Arts

Ingenuity, creative thinking, imagination, and personal expression: these are the cornerstones to the Fine Arts program, and are skills that students will learn here, and carry forward throughout their lives.

In the Fine Arts Program, students are involved in a variety of presentations: school and community displays of their art work, a major theatre production in the spring, and performances by various music groups at events and schools. Art instruction provides the student with the opportunity to experience varied mediums in a classroom climate that promotes creative thinking and personal style development. Portfolio development is a consideration at all levels, progressing in importance as the student continues through the program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the school music program through a variety of available courses. The main emphasis will be the development of musical skills which are then demonstrated in ensemble performances. These usually include Christmas and spring concerts, festivals and community events.

The Fine Arts program at Bellerose will give students the insight to live as an artist does: with passion!

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