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Off-Campus Education

Work Experience / RAP Links

Instructor: Bill Turnham (780.231.7955)

The Work Experience Office (in the Student Centre) is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am - 12pm.

Want to sign up for Work Experience or RAP, but can't make the office hours? Here's what to do:

Text Mr. Turnham at 780.231.7955, and in the text:

  • tell him your full name
  • tell him your grade
  • tell him which school you currently attend
  • tell him where you work
  • tell him the best time to call you back.

You can also go to the Google Classroom and explore what to do. The code is bp37bw6

Want to sign up for Dual Credit?

Text Mr. Turnham and ask him to call you about what is available!


Bellerose Composite High School