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Absence Reporting

Parents/guardians sometimes choose to take students out of school for extended periods such as vacations, visits to relatives, assistance to the family, and so on. In such situations, the school does not grant permission for the absence. Parents/guardians must accept full responsibility for the detrimental effects of the absence. Regular class attendance is important to achievement. Please note that in virtually all situations, significant absences will have a detrimental effect on achievement.

If an absence is planned during the school year, the student or parent should let both the school administration and the various subject teachers know well before the absence. Within reason, the teacher will advise the student of what work will be covered during the absence. Teachers may give guidance and assignments that will reduce the negative effects of the absence. Students are responsible for making up the work missed within a reasonable amount of time

If your student will be absent, please contact Bellerose at 780.460.8490 or email [email protected]. If you would like to request homework when your student is absent, please contact the teacher directly by email.

Bellerose Composite High School