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BCHS Library

BCHS Library

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Destiny Library

Access to our online library catalogue. To access the BCHS Library resources, and to sign out textbooks, students must use their eight-digit school ID number. Students may either use their school ID card, a clear photo on their phone of their ID card, or through an app that saves barcodes (such as Stocard). Our Library staff are happy to help you with this!


Destiny Discover

Access the newest format of Destiny on your personal device.



Ebooks and audio books


Sora App

  • In your app store search for Sora, by Overdrive.
  • Go to Alberta Public School K-12 Shared Digital Collection.
  • School is St. Albert (students).
  • Use your school Gmail account only!
  • If you have problems please see our Library staff for assistance.


Study Guides

Grade 10

Castle Rock "The Key" Study Guide - English 10-1, Math 10C, Science 10, Social Studies 10

Grade 11

Castle Rock "The Key" Study Guide - Biology 20, Chemistry 20, English 20-1, Math 20-1, Physics 20, Social Studies 20-1

Grade 12

Castle Rock "The Key" Study Guide - Biology 30, Chemistry 30, English 30-1, English 30-2, Math 30-1, Math 30-2, Math 31, Physics 30, Social Studies 30-1, Social Studies 30-2

These are available for purchase in the Front Office, and can be paid for through the PowerSchool ParentPortal.


Research Sites

Info Please

Encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, dictionary information


Learn Alberta

Library resources & online reference centre  


Online Reference Centre

A free online resource provided by Alberta Education, includes many online databases for educators and students to use has a current incentive plan for educators. Has excellent databases for research, including searching peer-reviewed journals, magazines, newspaper, etc. No login or password are required on school devices; to use ORC outside of school, please request a login and password from our BCHS Library staff.


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