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Our Team

For access to your student’s Google Classroom, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

Administration and Counsellors

Email Address Name Title
[email protected] Dawn Rothwell Acting Principal
[email protected] Jennifer Bruinsma Assistant Principal
[email protected] Mike Thompson Assistant Principal
[email protected]  Cam Leverman Acting Assistant Principal 
[email protected]  Jeff Beaton  Counsellor
[email protected] Kelly Lajoie  Counsellor
[email protected] Constable MJ Burroughs School Resource Officer

Teachers and Co-ordinators

Email Address Name Title
 [email protected]  Carly Agnew Dept. Head of Science
[email protected] John Anderson
[email protected] Jason Bartlett
[email protected] Clayton Beebe  
[email protected] Jenny Bossio-Arlia
[email protected] Lindsay Bracken
[email protected] Christine Burgess
[email protected] Jacey Burkholder
[email protected] Jason Dabbagh
[email protected] Adrienne Donnelly
[email protected] Kayla Drew
[email protected] David Edwards
[email protected] Jessica Gray
[email protected] Matteo Hee
[email protected] Geoffrey Howard
[email protected] Mike Hutchings
[email protected] Jermana Jeet
[email protected] Meredith Kazuro
jesse[email protected] Jesse Kerckhof
[email protected] Michelle Knoop
 [email protected]  Stephen Kohle  
[email protected] Leanne Kohler
[email protected] Jon Kolskog
[email protected] Cassandra Kompf
[email protected] Jason Lafferty Indigenous Support
[email protected] Mike Lang Dept. Head of Math
[email protected] Michael Larocque Dept. Head of CTS
[email protected] Cam Leverman Dept. Head of Social Studies
[email protected] Tomas Lindbeck
[email protected] Austen Meadows
[email protected] Renee Miller Inclusive Education Coordinator
[email protected] Shawn Murray
[email protected] Priscilla Nemeth
[email protected] Lori Olson-Johns
[email protected] Suraiya Rampuri-Ranson
[email protected] Susan Rankin Dept. Head of Student Activities
[email protected] Jami Rouault  
[email protected] Taylor Sedgewick
[email protected] Jason Segger
[email protected] Jody Sekundiak
[email protected] Matt Servold
[email protected] Judy Smallwood
[email protected] Haley Sorensen  
[email protected] Angela Thompson
[email protected] Maria Thompson Dept. Head of Phys Ed
[email protected] Michael Thompson Dept. Head of Athletics
[email protected] Chris Tom-Kee
[email protected] Bill Turnham Off-Campus Coordinator/Dual Credit
[email protected] Dawn White
[email protected] Bill Willette
[email protected] Thomas Wishloff  
[email protected] Stephen Womack Dept. Head of English, Fine Arts and Languages
[email protected] Clayton Wowk International Baccalaureate Coordinator

Educational Assistants

Email Address Name Title
[email protected] Scott Barrett Educational Assistant
[email protected] Deborah Baxter  Educational Assistant
[email protected] Dan Brodribb Educational Assistant
[email protected] Paula Budzak Educational Assistant
[email protected] Bonnie Cherniwchan Educational Assistant
[email protected] Lindsay Cline Educational Assistant
[email protected] Raelenea Ewashko Educational Assistant
[email protected] Bonnie Harms Educational Assistant
[email protected] Melanie Kolthof Educational Assistant
[email protected] Karen Leyer
Educational Assistant [Student Centre]
[email protected] Diane Long
Educational Assistant
[email protected] Ellen MacDougall Educational Assistant
[email protected] Francesca Perri Educational Assistant
[email protected] Katelyn Radmanovich Educational Assistant
[email protected] Joanne Scott Educational Assistant
[email protected] Shelley Velsink  Educational Assistant

Support Staff

Email Address Name  Title
[email protected] Jenn Beres Office Manager/Accounts Payable
[email protected]
Wanda Corcoran
Printing Services
[email protected] Holly Fenton-Klima Technology Analyst
[email protected] Kendra Hofmann Accounts Receivable Administrative Assistant
kelly.[email protected] Karolyn Kelly Office Reception
[email protected] Shelley Robinson Marks Administrative Assistant
[email protected] Linda Schwam
[email protected] Kelly Killick Communications Administrative Assistant
[email protected] Sandra Tough
Library Assistant


Bellerose Composite High School