Student Parking

Apply for a parking pass:

Parking pass applications will be available online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal  on August 28th. You must have a valid parking pass to park in our student (east) parking lot. Student parking and picking up or dropping off students is prohibited in the staff (west) parking lot. 

Parking in the student lot without a pass will result in receiving a ticket from St. Albert Bylaw. If you have a parking pass but you park in the staff parking lot, bus lane or visitor parking, you will be given 1 (one) warning.  Any future infractions will result in you being issued a ticket from St. Albert Bylaw.

As a parking pass holder:

I understand that parking in the Bellerose parking lot is a privilege and is provided as an opportunity to make life more convenient to me and my family.

I understand that my safety and the safety of others are the most important aspects of driving my vehicle to and from school, and I agree to drive in a safe and courteous manner not only in the parking lot but also around the school grounds.

I understand that I will be expected to follow all of the laws associated with driving a vehicle in the province of Alberta and may be subject to a fine if I disobey those laws, including when driving in the Bellerose parking lot.

I understand that sitting in vehicles or loitering in the parking lot is not permitted. I am to be in class or the school during the day unless I am off campus for an appropriate reason.

I understand that participating in illegal or school prohibited activities and/or possessing or transporting illegal goods (e.g. smoking, e-cigarettes, drinking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, going to off property altercation) in my vehicle on school grounds may be subject to legal and/or school disciplinary action.

I understand that my parking pass must be visible at all times in my vehicle (preferably hanging from the rear view mirror) and that I park only in the appropriate designated area.

I understand that my attendance (late or absence) and behavior (e.g. in the parking lot) must not become problematic.

I agree to follow all the rules and expectations above and if I fail to obey them, I may have my parking privileges suspended or revoked.

Note:  Students and visitors who park in any of our school parking lots do so at their own risk.