Off-Campus Education

Want to sign up for Work Experience or RAP, but can't make the office hours? Here's what to do:

Text Mr. Turnham at 780.231.7955, and in the text:

  • tell him your full name
  • tell him your grade
  • tell him which school you currently attend
  • tell him where you work
  • tell him the best time to call you back.

You can also go to the Google Classroom and explore what to do. The code is bp37bw6

Want to sign up for Dual Credit?

Text Mr. Turnham and ask him to call you about what is available!


Up to 40 credits

RAP is an Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)-approved program that permits a high school student to register as an apprentice while attending high school; a RAP student is able to complete a high school diploma while starting a trade-specific career.

This opportunity is open to all grade levels, though Grades 11 and 12 are recommended. As this is a time-intensive course, early planning is of great benefit. It is advised that all students with an interest in the trades complete the required career investigation paperwork upon entry into high school to better prepare for their journey. This can be done virtually, however, consultation with the RAP coordinator is recommended.

Further information is available from the RAP coordinator or from a Bellerose school counsellor or administrator.

Up to 30 credits (15 toward your diploma)

The Work Experience Program consists of placing students in work stations within the community. The purpose of this activity is to familiarise students with the world of work, to give them the opportunity to explore careers, and to possibly open up opportunities for either apprenticeship programs or permanent placement. Supervision and evaluation are done by both the work experience coordinator and the work station supervisor.

Students may enter this program pre-employed (with a current job) or consult with the work experience coordinator to obtain employment. This course offers an excellent opportunity to experience what a career would be like without waiting to obtain required prerequisites outside of school. If you currently hold a part-time job, you are strongly encouraged to register for this course.

Prerequisite: HCS 3000 must be completed before credits are issued. May be taken for either Work Experience/RAP; it is strongly advised to be taken prior to enrollment. *Please note that no hours will be counted unless all paperwork is submitted*

The following conditions apply for all off-campus education:


It is recommended that all students complete HCS 3000 [Workplace Safety] for credit upon entry into Grade 10. Students may use credits from Work Experience 35 to satisfy some graduation requirements. The minimum expectation is 75 hours (3 credits) worked, to a maximum of 750 hours (30 credits) throughout high school [25 hours are required per credit]. The choice of the Work Experience activity is the responsibility of the student, with parental approval.

Some benefits to note:

  • Students may receive up to 10 credits in each Grade level
  • Students will receive credits and potentially earn money, at the same time
  • It's a great tool to use on post-secondary applications
  • Your employer's evaluations act as an indicator of your job performance
  • Work Experience marks can be used to qualify for the Rutherford Scholarship

Quite often, the GOALS student will return for a second year of Grade 12. It is our goal to help the student have a successful transition into adult life. The work experience opportunities begin in Grade 10 (onsite). We continue to give more varied experiences, where appropriate, in Grade 11. During their Grade 12 year, when appropriate, the second semester is usually devoted to off-site work experiences. If students return for a second year of Grade 12, they can expect to spend most days of the year gaining skill sets in both on-site and off-site work experiences.