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Bellerose registration is still open!

If you have any questions regarding registration, please email

If you are a Grade 9 student who already has a registration package, you may scan your documents and submit electronically to

Students entering high school should plan their course selections in a way that keeps post-secondary doors open while balancing interests, abilities and graduation requirements. Please use your current marks as a guideline when choosing next years' courses.

Once you have completed your registration forms, please return via email to

2020-2021 Guidebook
2020-2021 IB Handbook
Policies Package [referred to as the grey pages in our registration package]


Students who are CURRENTLY enrolled in BCHS, Akins, Cuts, Demko, Gish, Paul Kane, Outreach or Simpson

Please complete one of the packages below:


Students who are NOT enrolled in a school listed above

Please complete one of the packages below:

Bellerose Composite High School