Bellerose Composite High School (BCHS) provides an environment with a strong sense of school and community spirit with a mandate to meet the needs of a diverse community of students. Bellerose Composite High School is committed to providing a positive, inviting and successful learning environment for all stakeholders. We are committed to excellence by:

  • providing a safe, supportive and responsive environment for learning;
  • encouraging the development of responsible learners with creative and critical thinking skills;
  • recognizing the unique qualities, strengths, talents and contributions of all members of our school community; 
  • focusing on, and celebrating, the growth and development of students and staff; and,
  • focusing on keeping the school updated with modern technology best suited to the needs of all stakeholders.

At Bellerose Composite High School, we encourage our students to be individuals who:

  • have pride in their school and in themselves as contributing members of society;
  • have a high level of self-esteem and are capable of influencing their own destinies; 
  • are creative, critical thinkers and problem-solvers with effective communication skills and an awareness of emerging technologies; 
  • are involved in lifelong learning and development; and,
  • are responsible citizens respecting individual differences, and accountable for their actions, learning and success.

Bellerose Composite High School will maintain a positive school image, and we will measure progress and success by:


  • who successfully complete their Alberta high school diploma requirements; 
  • who feel respected, honoured and acknowledged as partners in learning; 
  • who have opportunities to be leaders and positive citizens; and, 
  • who are positive, confident and contributing members of society.

Parents and Community

  • who have confidence in, and support, our staff, programs, initiatives and operations; 
  • who feel respected as active partners in our school environment; and
  • who celebrate the achievements of BCHS students and staff.


  • who feel respected and valued as professionals and educational leaders; 
  • who are committed to their professional learning and personal growth; 
  • who are committed to providing positive learning opportunities for students; and, 
  • who remain committed to providing the range of programs, activities, and opportunities that create an “environment of inclusion and sense of belonging” for all students.