What we have

Our computing foundation consists of a combination of devices running Windows 10 operating system, using a division-wide network to manage access. Google Drive, with unlimited storage, is the preferred storage location for all students, with this and Google Classroom utilised by most teachers. Approximately 200 Windows devices (most of which are located in computer labs or in the Library) as well as 300 Chromebooks on portable carts, and a few iPads for specific use, are available for student use. The internet is widely available, and some filtering is in place. Ancillary equipment such as digital cameras and printers are available to students for use in school assignments.

Student use: expectations

Access to school and division computer facilities is a privilege. The facilities are to be used for curriculum-related purposes only. We monitor the network, individual computers and individual students for inappropriate use of the network and privileges will be suspended if the acceptable use guide is broken. This guide is readily available throughout the school website and is included in the Student Registration Package.

Student use: availability

Access to computer equipment is managed by user names and passwords assigned to individual students by the district. Each student has a district Windows account and a district Gmail account. Students should also have a personal Email account for setting up their myPass and myBlueprint. All district email accounts are disabled once a student is no longer enrolled.

Microsoft Office products are installed on all computers. Additional special software as appropriate to the curriculum is installed on selected machines. This wide range of hardware and software products will be utilized by students as integral components of many courses. District Gmail accounts should be used for class and Google Classroom.


The equipment and software in the school varies widely in vintage, power and capacity. We are not able to keep all of our facilities up to date with the most recent advances. Students may find that work prepared on recently-acquired equipment at home will not always function as they may expect at school. Students should be aware of this limitation and should take steps to ensure they understand compatibility issues posed by the computers to which they have access.

Student login information & tech help

Please email for any technical issues, or for password resets/creation of new accounts, and someone will respond as soon as possible. The Tech Office does not provide walk-in assistance.

All students have TWO login accounts.

  1. One for student email and chromebooks:
    Username = ~ Example:
    Password = . ~ Example: 12.12345678
  2. One for windows machines and the Password Portal (all computer labs and some in the library):
    Username = ~ Example: TimS0487. Note there is NO @5565 for this account.
    Password = . ~ Example: 12.12345678

Best practice for students to log into their accounts

Students should enroll in the Password Portal. Using the Portal lets students set both their passwords to the same one keeping them synced. It also allows them to reset
their own password if they forget their password.

  1. Connect to the school wifi (SAPSD5565) with your phone (this network is for any non-school-owned devices).
  2. Go to the Password Portal for students. Your device must be on the school wifi to access the portal; it is not available outside the school. (The link is also on the desktop for windows devices, and on the second tab when logged into a Chromebook.)
  3. Enroll in the portal using your Windows username and password. (Example. Tims0487 password: Grade.StudentID#.) When enrolling, students are asked to pick an answer to three supplied questions
  4. Still using the Portal, move to the Change My Password option (this is the bottom option). Here, you enter your old password (example, Grade.StudentID#), then enter your new password twice. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long, and cannot be something you have used before..


Student Gmail accounts have been created for all students. A shortcut will appear on the students' desktop at login. This account cannot be accessed through regular Gmail.

Privately-owned laptops, notebooks & other network devices

Students are currently permitted to connect their own computers or any other network devices to the school wireless "SAPSD5565" network only. They will do so by entering their valid school username and password. Students are not permitted to connect their own computers or any other network devices to the school wired network.

Office 365 for home use (for students)

Everyone at Bellerose Composite High School is united behind a single goal: to help train our students to succeed and prepare for life. To do that, we're providing Office to every one of our students free of charge. This automatically updatable, subscription-based software ensures your child will always have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more. Providing our students with free access will enable them to better prepare for their future.

  • install on up to five compatible PCs and Macs, plus five tablets
  • use with OneDrive for automatic device syncing
  • gain valuable skills on the world's most popular document software
  • use the same programs as the faculty to ensure full file fidelity

This offer is available to all students at BCHS. Click here to get your complimentary Office by visiting and follow the on screen instructions. Contact the school administration or visit install Office on your PC or Mac with Office 365 for installation assistance.